Why should someone use Homeopathy?

Why should someone use Homeopathy?

by Livia Tiba, Classical Homeopath

Homeopathy is a holistic medicine, addressing the whole body. In homeopathy there is almost no disease that is totally local, without affecting the whole body. A fracture, for example, that may be considered local per se, will affect us more than physically, having an impact on our psychological level as well. Our mind and emotions are affected, and feelings of fear, worry, sadness or depression can go around us. Many people can be very marked by such an event and can never be well since a trauma like this.

Strong physical or emotional traumas can deeply affect our future health. A chronic disease can slowly install as an expression of an inner disturbed state. Strong physical or emotional traumas can be a surgery, an accident, a divorce, lost of loved ones or unrequited love, etc. All these can create a disturbance in our innerness and be the cause of a disease.

Beside our long life events and living, we came in this world with our genetic inheritance that will give us a predisposition to certain diseases. Depending on our constitution and temperament our vitality may vary. Since very young, some of us are more than others prone to many sore throat, ear infection, allergies, eczema, viral or bacterial infections, etc. as a result of our inherited predisposition and vitality.

In addition to all these, our environment is adding even more stress on our body through water, air and food pollution, wrong diet, excessive or abusive life style, harsh climate or improper living conditions, which are unnatural to our body.

Our body tries to adapt and resist to all forms of negative stress and the strain they produce on the constitution. This is done by responding with an instinctive and unitary action named General Adaptation Syndrome.

In the first stage, the stage of alarm, the body instinctively tries to overpower the aggressor by defensive energy and increase activity. If is successful, the organism is returning to normal health or homeostasis.

This stage produces signs and symptoms on the mental and physical level. The mental reactions could be: panic attacks, desire to run and hide, inability to concentrate, feeling of unreality, fatigue, etc. The physical symptoms could be: fever, flashes of heat, inflammation, swelling, pain, bleeding, diarrhea, weakness, etc.

The second stage is the stage of adaptation and resistance. Here, the organism strives to maintain a relative balance and consumes large amounts of constitutional energy to maintain a relative health. The immune system accelerates its activity and produces more antibodies, but as there is no clear target to destroy, sometimes they may cause autoimmune disorders. At this point the person feels unwell but nothing can be found wrong by conventional medical tests.

This suffering can go on for years, depending on the person vitality, before pathological tissue damage appears. The mental symptoms are similar with those of the first stage but more chronic in nature: impulsive behavior, emotional instability, inability to concentrate, fatigue, feeling of unreality, insomnia, etc.

The physical symptoms are now more functional but later on will become more pathological and destructive: headaches, dizziness, neuralgia, shortness of breath, etc.

At this point any additional stress, as an acute disease or any emotional stress, can overwhelm the body and bring it to the last stage, the stage of exhaustion.

The stage of exhaustion is the last attempt of the vital energy to overcome the negative influences with its instinctive defense reactions. If unsuccessful, the organism losses control over its own systems. The strong nervous and hormonal imbalances will bring different diseases based on its own inherited constitutional weaknesses and the stress factors involved. These diseases can be: strokes, heart disease, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, high cholesterol, nephritis, nephrosclerosis, ulcer, birth defects, immunodeficiency, etc. Some mental symptoms are: neurotic behavior, psychosis, impulsive behavior, phobias, etc. These three stages are the progression of all chronic diseases.

Homeopathy has a deep understanding of the body make up and the nature of diseases, causes, processes, development and their effects on the body. In homeopathy, our constitution is seen as an organic whole, manifesting on three interdependent levels: the inner conscious spirit, the instinctive vital force that maintain health and fight diseases and the physical body.

Through homeopathy and its dynamically diluted remedies, we can reach the innermost part of our body and act curatively exactly where the imbalances took place at first. Homeopathic remedies  stimulate the instinctive vital force to make the corrective actions.

Homeopathy is acting on the cause of the disease, eliminates our inherited predispositions and increases our vitality. A good constitutional treatment given by the age of 5 can overcome many diseases, giving place to better health and increased vitality for the whole life.

In already established chronic diseases, homeopathy has the capacity to reverse the symptoms and reinstate health in many chronic diseases, where the pathology is not extremely advanced. Even in those advanced cases, homeopathy can act very effective as palliative and increases the quality of life.

The best and most rapid cures will be obtained in functional diseases, where the pathology is not yet installed and the body still has enough vitality to fight the disease.

If the treatment has not started in early life to eliminate the inherited predispositions, in the stage of functional diseases you can still reach a good health, stop the pathology and increase your well-being through the use of homeopathy. Do not wait until deep pathological diseases are instated.

Beside all these, homeopathy is very safe when applied conform to its safe principles. It uses natural remedies from plant, animal and mineral world and is always adapted to your body need. The homeopathic treatment is not expensive. Although there are fees for initial consult and follow-ups, the overall cost will be much less than the daily conventional medication applied for controlling the disease, not even considering the side-effects. Homeopathy has the capacity of eradicating the disease and offering increase vitality and well-being on the way to health.

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