I was born in Romania, where people’s connection with Nature is still very strong.

I graduated with a master degree in Computer Science, then married and moved to Canada in 2000.

My husband and I are blessed with two beautiful children! At the age of 4 our daughter started to have health problems – asthma and allergy to “outside mold” and “ragweed”. When the doctor told me that she has asthma, I felt that all the world was collapsing. I knew that the conventional medicine has nothing to offer in such cases: just palliation!… and… “she may grow out of it!”, but with very high chances that it will return at adulthood… This did not make me happy at all! I was really depressed, but I did not give up hope. I started to look for another way to solve the problem. I just could not think of my child using that puffer (I hated and I loved it because she could not be without it) all her life, as I was painfully aware of the side effects that the steroids have.

However, just palliating was for me totally illogically, inconceivable and just not enough! Palliation is the same thing as unscrewing your car flashing light while it is warning you that the gas is over! Nothing better!
I started with the Internet, looking from the most advanced researches of the allopathic medicine to the unconventional medicine and most primitive treatments in various parts of the world. However, everything that we tried did not work to the point that the problem be solved, did not worked on the cause, whichever it would have been.

One blessed day, I came to read about homeopathy. Even if homeopathy was not totally new to me, I never paid close attention to it until now. Everything looked very logically to me. It addresses the cause of the disease, takes into account the genetically background,  it is non invasive for the body, working with minimal doses, gentle and … could it also be effective? I tried it and, yes, it worked wonderfully!
I have an open mind and always thought that our body is not only muscles and bones. We are more than that, because we have feelings, we can be very sympathetic, we search for God because our soul needs Him, some of us may have premonitions or extra sensorial perceptions as telepathy, biofeedback – and none of these can really be explained by science. Are we then only muscles and bones?! No!

I found about a MD homeopath doctor and my daughter started the homeopathic treatment. There were some results but very poor. I had the feeling that the treatment is not going well as the doctor changed the remedies pretty often and there were strong aggravations each time after a dose. His doses consisted of 10 little pills, 3 times a day, one day. I started then to do more research, reading classical works of homeopathy such as Hahnemann – the founder of homeopathy, Kent, Boenninghausen and others, and found that there are specific laws and principles of Homeopathy. These have to be in place and followed and they were not, in my daughter case. Later on, I found that many homeopaths are working this way, practicing a  “modern homeopathy” that has little in common with the classical homeopathy of minimal doses, single remedy, strict individualization, genetical theory, family history…

Reading the classics of homeopathy totally captured me and I had again that restless feeling of discovery, unsatiated appetite for reading. I decided to continue my education in this direction. This was not an easy task but it was the best decision that I have made in my whole life! Soon, I found that many schools do not really teach the students the proper way and the most advanced method of homeopathy, based on the 5th and 6th Organon of Medicine by Samuel Hahnemann. As there was a big gap of 80 years between publications, after the death of Samuel Hahnemann, many homeopaths and schools remained stuck on the 4th Organon. His latest findings and the most improved technique – the “rapid, gentle and permanent cure”, were almost lost for many years.

Finally, I found about Dr. David Little and Dr. Luc De Schepper, both considered the foremost contemporary homeopaths and renowned international lecturers in Classical Homeopathy. Both of them are continuously striving to spread classical Homeopathy in the world, in its more advanced way, by minimal dose, medicinal solution and close management procedures, as per Hahnemann’s last 15 years of research. Having the opportunity to study under their supervision has become one of the blessings of my life!

Of course this was the solution for my daughter to save her from puffers and enjoy a better health. I also found peace with myself that I have not stopped my search. Homeopathy has changed my life! It will change yours as well!

Yours in Health,

Livia Tiba – Classical Homeopath