This area is designed as a “Self Study Center” helping you to gain quality knowledge about Homeopathy. The homeopathy world being so divided by different modern approaches and methods of treatment it is especially important that you have the correct information on hand to take a good decision. Check our tabs below and  find more about its history and treatment, through ‘Facts’ and ‘Q&A’.

I also advise you to inform yourself and take the responsibility of your health in your hands by a proper lifestyle and health care. Homeopathy is not a substitute for healthy nutrition, exercise, healthy emotional relationships, proper life living or working conditions, even if Homeopathy has an amazing capacity in restoring health. Sometimes the good effect of Homeopathy can be override if these stressors are allowed to continue. Each of us should be actively involved in keeping a good health and try to avoid, as much as possible, the undermining health’s factors.

Read about Homeopathy, document yourself and act consequently.

Recommend books that are easy to read:
Homeopathy – Beyond Flat Earth Medicine, by Timothy R.Dooley
Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy, by Amy L. Lansky (a story how the author’s son was cured of autism with homeopathy)
Discovering Homeopathy, by Dana Ullman
The People’s Repertory, by Luc de Schepper
The principles and Art of Cure by Homœopathy, by Herbert A. Roberts, M.D. (dedicated to all seekers after truth in healing) – Homeopathy for Everyone! – forums, books, discussions, articles, case studies

Free homeopathic e-books, materia medica, remedies and history of Homeopathy and its founder, Dr.Samuel Hahnemann –

Definition of Health by Prof. George Vithoulkas –
An innovative proposal for scientific alternative medical journals –
Classical homeopathy by well known classical homeopath Dr David Little –
The Homoeopathic Compendium by David Little (6 Volumes) is a valuable professional resource and the most complete work  –
First Aid Room by Dr David Little –

Dr Luc de Schepper –

On the Choice of a Homeopath –

Articles about Classical Homeopathy –


On medication? Check what are you taking here: and