What is Homeopathy?
What are the homeopathic remedies?
What is the difference between herbs and homeopathy?
Can homeopathic medicines be taken at the same time with conventional western medicines?
How long will take to get better with my condition?
What is your approach in finding the remedy?
What method do you use?
Why there are more methods in Homeopathy?
What I should expect from the treatment process?

What is Homeopathic Medicine?
Homeopathic medicine was first discovered in the early 1800’s by a German doctor and chemist, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). After studying and practicing medicine he became dissatisfied with the conventional treatments and looked for better ways to help his patients. His homeopathic healing methods were inspired by the so-called law of similars: Similia similibus curantur [“like cures like”]. This means that a remedy that produces symptoms in a healthy person will cure those same symptoms when manifested by a person in a diseased state.
Homeopathy is a holistic approach to disease and asserts that no disease is local without affecting the whole body. It addresses the cause of the disease and strengthen the entire body to eradicate the disease by itself.

What are the homeopathic remedies?
Homeopathic medicines are derived from vegetable, animal and mineral sources. Using a process called potentization, the original substance undergoes series of dilution and succussions, reducing the side-effects of crude medicines and increasing the strength of the resulting product.

What is the difference between herbs and homeopathy?
Herbal preparations are made from plants known to have effects on various organs. The plants are grounded to a fine state and made into capsules for consumption. These crude herbal preparations can have many side-effects and they should be prescribed by a qualified herbalist or naturopath. As with the chemical drugs, the herbal pills can have good effect on a specific organ but are often characterized by side-effects, especially with improper administration.

Homeopathic medicines are made from plants, minerals and animal products but in successive dilutions and succussions (vigorous shaking). This enables even poisonous substances to be used without the side-effects of the crude substance. The homeopathic remedies come in different potencies – known as X, C, M, LM – depending on the method and dilution scale used to prepare them. In X (decimal) the dilution is 1 drop of the mother tincture + 9 drops of water, in C (centesimal) the dilution is 1 drop of mother tincture + 99 drops of water, in LM (millesimal) the dilution is 1 : 50000 drops of water. The potency in each scale starts with 1 and goes up, each time using in dilution the previous potency as the base substance for dilution, together with successive succussions. After 6C the dilution passes what is referred in chemistry as the “Avogadro’s number”. Reaching this point, not even a molecule from the original substance can be found in the remedy and beyond science explanation, the remedies are even more deep-acting treating at a deeper level. Through the homeopathic method of preparation, by trituration and succussion, only the substance’s energy is taken and worked on through ‘potentization’ and used to treat the disease. But as at one point we believed that the Earth is flat, that we cannot fly or have distance communication by talking, in time all these were beaten by discoveries. The same is now in regard of what exactly is happening at the subatomic level, what are the mechanisms in which energy can be transferred at this level – we know about transmission by particles and waves, but many unknown events are produced at this level.

“ While Homeopathy itself is a perfect science, its truth is only partially known. The truth itself relates to the Divine and the knowledge relates to the man. It will require a long time before physicians become genuine masters in this truth”… (James Tyler Kent MD – “Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy”) …and once again he said “You don’t have to believe, just try it!”

Can homeopathic medicines be taken at the same time with conventional western medicines?
Yes! Homeopathic medicines act on the body’s vital force, which is a different level within your body and a different system of healing. There is no danger of contraindications. However, the side-effects of conventional medicine, especially when the body has been heavily medicated for long time, is able to influence the homeopathic healing process and this can become more challenging, for homeopath and patient alike. It is now concessively proven that as the person’s constitution becomes stronger under the homeopathic treatment, there will be less and less need for the conventional medicines.

How long will it take to become healthier?
The homeopathic effect is almost instantaneous. If the disease is acute, then a cure can be obtained usually much faster than with allopathic drugs. Ear infections, colds and flus, sport and other physical injuries, overstraining, hangover, etc., are classic examples of diseases which respond extremely quickly to proper homeopathic treatment. If the disease is chronic, most likely it took a long time to develop and so will take longer time for total recovery, but there will be a gradual increasing in well-being and energy on the road to recovery. The healing time can vary depending upon factors such as your age, your vitality and inherited constitution, the stage of the chronic disease and the suppressive treatments applied during your life. The healing time is unique to the person, and takes active involvement and introspection from the patient, as significant determinants in speeding the homeopathic healing process.

What is your approach in finding the remedy?
Each person is treated individually, and each person will have to construct a timeline of major events in his life, starting with the intrauterine life if mother had major events at that time or during childbearing. The major events can be mental, emotional or physical traumas, major problems that left a ‘scar’ in the memory and possibly caused lasting symptoms and influenced future health. These kind of events can create ‘layers’, as they are called in Homeopathy, and all these layers have to be peeled back starting with the most recent one and working backwards to the first one, even a layer that was formed during the intrauterine life. Special attention is given to experiences that homeopaths refer to as “Never Well Since (NWS)” events. These include a surgery, an emotional or mental trauma, a physical trauma or even after a virulent disease. Each person receives a remedy prescribed for his own health condition, constitution and personality, his personal family inheritance and timeline. Homeopathy is not treating a specific disease (as bronchitis, asthma) but is treating a person with bronchitis, asthma, or whichever health condition may have.

What method do you use?
I use the most advanced methods of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann as practiced in his last 12 years of work and presented in the 5th and 6th editions of his Organon of Medicine. Hahnemann learned to change his method from dry doses to split doses and LM medicinal solution. He referred to this as being ‘his most perfect method’, as it was proven to be a more “gentle, rapid and permanent restoration of health”. Surprisingly, only 10% of the homeopaths are using these advanced methods.

Why there are several methods used in Homeopathy?
Hahnemann dedicated his whole life in discovering and perfecting this true healing art and he wrote and published six editions of ‘The Organon of Medicine’ exposing the laws and principles that form the base of Homeopathy.
In the 4th Organon, published in 1829, he was practicing using the single unit dry dose(1-2 poppy-seed size pill) of remedy and the ‘wait and watch method’ based on principles of minimal intervention and the minimal dose.

Hahnemann was unhappy with this method as it could produce strong aggravations (esp. when repeated too early) and the healing time was long. He continued to search for better solutions and over the next fifteen years Homeopathy went through a dramatic transformation. He introduced several innovations in regard to the delivery system and discovered the millesimal potency system(LM) which produced outstanding results. In 1833 he published the 5th Organon (where he introduced the method of freshly succussed medicinal solution in split doses) and in 1842, (a few months before his death), the 6th Organon was ready for publication. Unfortunately, it was not made available till 80 years later, in 1921. At this point the homeopathic world was well established based on the 4th Organon methods and after so many years homeopaths lost interest in the last Hahnemannian work.

Today, the largest group of classical homeopaths are practicing based on the 4th Organon and only a small group of homeopaths are practicing based on the 5th and 6th Organon. There is also a group of modern, non-classical homeopaths.

What should be expected from the treatment process?
The treatment begins with a liquid test dose of your indicated remedy based on your timeline, health history and symptoms. After taking the test dose, you will wait and watch for 3-7 days or more, paying attention to your mental/emotional, sleep and physical symptoms. The feedback after the test dose will allow the homeopath to adjust the dosage and the potency of the remedy.

The patient (or the mother if the patient is a child) is directly involved in his health process as instruction will be given how to pay attention to his own condition and symptomatology.
As a response to the test dose, your remedy dose will be adjusted and repeated in liquid doses at suitable intervals to speed the cure, in a most gentle way. You’ll feel a gradual increase in your vitality and well-being. There may be old symptoms coming back but usually they are less intense and pass quickly under the remedy. There are ‘exteriorizations’ as discharges and skin rashes as the disease is pushed outwards, joints pain, etc. as your vital force and immune system is strengthen and fight with the disease. All these are the body’s natural way of healing and are to be encouraged and not suppressed as you will work against the good work of the remedy. They will pass quickly under the action of the homeopathic remedy and will be followed by an increased vitality.